Pnoé Luxury Suites

The word Pnoé in Greek means breathing, or metaphorically to give life to your dreams. In our six luxury suites located in one of the most beautiful villages of Santorini, you will both take a breath, escape the ordinary and enjoy the most amazing holidays you dreamed of your entire life.

In our suites you will find privacy and peace combined with luxury and elite services designed only for you. Give “Pnoe” to your dream vacation and absorb the tranquility and comfort that we have to offer.

Pnoe Maisonette Suites

4 Guests

60m² Indoor Space +40m² Outdoor space

Pnoe Junior Suite

2 Guests

42m² Indoor Space +40m² Outdoor space

Unique landscape & Magical sunset

Enjoy the breathtaking views

Santorini or Thira as it used to be called from the ancient years, is one of the most famous islands in the world. You can enjoy the view of the Caldera, try local dishes, spend a day on the beach or explore an actual active volcano! Also, you can discover the beauties that the island’s villages have to offer and try some of the best wines produced in Santorini.

Make your holidays unique & unforgettable

Custom Services

Either you want to relax doing yoga or you wish to experience something more adventurous, our custom services will satisfy your every need. You will find a long list of activities such as yoga/pilates sessions, massage therapies, catamaran cruises or even volcano boat trips.

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